China – 中国

China is the new frontier of opportunity and a natural partner for NZ and Pacific nations

China is a large and complex society with huge ethic diversity and no province is the same. Understanding this and recognising the forces of Guanxi are essential elements to securing a successful business relationship.

“Hawkes Bay Businesses have a great opportunity to create a sustainable profitable partnership with families and businesses in China but we need to get the message right at the very beginning.” – Rex Graham, Chairman 

China Pacific can help your company maximise the potential of your business between China and NZ. Our goal is essentially to become an extension to your own marketing team for you to succeed in this discerning Asian market.

The company has employed the services of James Guan. James is a Chinese national who has lived in NZ for seven years and speaks fluent English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese. James resides in Hawkes Bay. He has an engineering degree from the Guangdong University of Technology.

“I would like to be part of your business team, helping you develop the best strategy for your Chinese market, translate and deliver your messages to your Chinese customers, and most importantly to hear their voices and fulfil their needs.”                      – James Guan