Congratulations to our director Rex Graham signing the cooperation contract with The World’s Biggest Fruit Juice Producer

Shaanxi Haisheng Fresh Fruit Juice Co., Ltd is a company specialised at producing and selling fruit juice concentrate related products. It is the world′s largest fruit vegetable juice concentrate producer and manufacturer with around 2000 staff and the total production capacity of 405,000 mt. Rex Graham, one of the directors of our company signed a ‘Cooperation Agreement’ with Haisheng Fruit Juice on behalf of Shennong Variety Management Ltd (SVM), an Intellectual Property Company (IP) that manages the importation, propagation, evaluation and commercialisation of new fruit varieties throughout the Chinese provinces. John Morton, the director of SVM, was also present at the signing ceremony. The contract is a leap forward towards the goal of bringing international new fruit varieties into China. China Pacific Ltd was instrumental in the preparation and consultation of the contract documents.

Haisheng 1


Haisheng 2

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