Experience – 经验


The company’s Directors and associates have had a long period of experience in this market and the company has now employed the services of James Guan, a Chinese national residing in New Zealand .

“We have been involved in business in China with our IP fruit variety company for nearly a decade. It has been a long haul for our venture, and like most western companies the journey has not been without its challenges and pit falls but we have learnt a huge amount. ”– Rex Graham, Chairman

China Pacific will help you avoid common pitfalls

Our Association in China

 In China, Guanxi is success

Our associate in China Lew Dagger received the prestigious ‘China Friendship Award’ in 2009 from the vice premier Zhang Dejiang (张德江) for his specialised involvement in the horticulture industry in China. Later a gold medal was also presented to him at the celebration for the 60th Anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.


In August 2014, our company director Rex Graham signed the ‘Cooperation Agreement’ on behalf of Shennong Variety Management Ltd (SVM) with Shaanxi Haisheng Fresh Fruit Juice Co., Ltd, the world’s biggest fruit juice producer and China’s national flagship enterprise in agriculture industrialization. Shennong Variety Management Ltd (SVM) is an Intellectual Property Company (IP) that manages the importation, propagation, evaluation and commercialisation of international new fruit varieties throughout China across numerous provinces. 

Haisheng 1

Investment Opportunities

In March, our team member James Guan supported a Chinese delegation from Guizhou Province to Hawkes Bay. The delegation was from Guizhou Foreign Affairs Office and Guizhou Provincial Development & Reform Commission. One part of the mission was to seek economic and financial cooperation in addition to cultural exchanges. The delegates were given a warm welcome from Ngahiwi Tomoana, Chairman of Ngati Kahungunu Iwi. James provided interpretation and support to the iwi.

Chinese Delegation photo 2 - Jimmy translating for Mr Kong the head of the delegation to Ngahiwi the chief of the tribe

James and former chief of TPK Leith Comer led the Chinese delegation to visit local businesses such as Hawkes Bay Seafoods factory near Bluewater Hotel in Napier.



In Nov 2014, led by Rex Graham, Rick Barker and James Guan alongside our experienced team, China Pacific hosted a delegation of 7 members from 3 different Chinese provinces (Shandong, Guangdong and Hebei) coming to Hawkes Bay to look for investment opportunities, trade partnership and Hawkes Bay products.

They were warmly welcomed by the Hastings District Council and Mayor Lawrence Yule.

3 a

1 c

The delegation visited many businesses including Lowe Cooperation’s Tomoana Processor

2 b

Digital Marketing in China

China has gone digital

There are 600 million internet users in China and this number will increase to be more than twice the entire population of USA by 2016 according to Forbes Magazine. New York Times reported that $290 billion has been spent last year by Chinese customers on the internet, taking over their American counterparts by $30 billion. Smart NZ companies are already catching up with the trend. James assisted Tarver’s company Gladeye in the Auckland Airport’s series of China campaigns in the digital world.

Examples of digital campaigns

Romantic NZ…

“Love her, take her to New Zealand!”


Pure land for pure love. Competing with Paris and Venice, New Zealand is fast becoming a new romantic destination for young Chinese couples for traveling and wedding album shooting! Utilizing Chinese social media, we are selling New Zealand’s most beautiful sky to Chinese young lovers. Romantic NZ Display Page



China – Social media without Facebook

With Facebook and Twitter banned in China, relying on local social media becomes the key to success for every foreign brand. James assisted Gladeye in managing Auckland Airport’s luxury social media platform – Luxury New Zealand (新岛华旅) on Sina Weibo – the Chinese equivalent to Twitter with more than 400 million users who can be their potential customers.


Luxury – China

New Zealand is a niche market

There are 2 million millionaires in China, nearly half of the size of New Zealand’s population. We know that there is a strong demand for NZ luxury products from young affluent Chinese.

Luxury is our brand

The Luxury Game campaign of Auckland Airport allows us to put a wide range of NZ products on the roulette wheel for Chinese users to win the prizes, from golf trips, first class flight, luxury lodges stay, to kiwifruit juice, manuka honey and dairy products. This provides a golden opportunity for NZ enterprises to expose their products to high-end Chinese customers. It’s really a win-win game. Luxury NZ Display Page


click the image above to see the full prizes on the wheel

“China is a huge opportunity that we need to grasp with both hands!”


Napier Mayor Bill Dalton and China Pacific Liaison Officer James Guan together with Chinese investors.

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