Hawke’s Bay International Hockey Tournament

Hawke’s Bay International Hockey Tournament is an annual sports event hosted in the Hawke’s Bay Sports Park by HBSEEC. Each year 8 of the world’s top ranked teams including the national team of China, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Australia, India, Canada, and Ireland, battle for the Hawke’s Bay Cup over a period of 10 days of intensive competition.

James Guan of China Pacific has been appointed as the Team Liaison Officer and Interpreter for The Chinese national Team for the last 2 years. We have received highly positive feedback from the Chinese team, the National association and the Festival committee. China Pacific also helps to promote the event on various Chinese media including videos, news papers and social media.



We also put the interviews on various Chinese media platforms to help promote the tournament in China:

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 12.10.54 pm

click to watch the video on Chinese channel Youku.com


Social Media is one of the most popular means for the young Chinese to connect to each other and the world. For example,Sina Weibo – a Chinese popular social media platform equivalent to Twitter – has more than 400 million users who read and share information on daily basis. China Pacific has helped Hawkes Bay Tourism (HBT) set up and manage a ‘Verified Corporate Account’ as the portal to promote Hawkes bay to massive potential audience in China on daily basis. During the HB Hockey Tournament, we have orchestrated the HBT Weibo to promote the event and live broadcast all the Chinese matches in China:


HB Tourism Weibo Hockey


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