Services – 服务

Our job is to maximise the potential of your business between China and NZ.

 The importance of Guanxi and the spirit of co-operation

Advice and content support:

  • Advice on Chinese protocol and culture
  • The importance of Guanxi
  • Target product development
  • Marketing and promotion strategy
  • Internet, websites and social media strategy
  • Finding out the fine nuances and true needs of your Chinese customers

Translation services:

  • Promotion material
  • Website development and translation
  • Customer correspondence
  • Developing programs for visiting delegations
  • Providing assistance in NZ and acting as your company representative

Product Development:

  • Market Research
  • In-store promotion
  • Sensory evaluations
  • Customer feedback and price sensitivity feedback
  • Interviews

Trade Partners:

  • Liaise with existing customers
  • Assist in finding new markets and new customers
  • Assist with customs and trade protocol